New Soho Bag is at Macy's

  1. I walked through Macy's today and spotted this. Sorry I couldn't get a better pic but it is one of the new Soho bags. I really like the old Soho Totes but I wasn't loving this for some reason. There was a similar version that has no pocket on the front that is in the outlets now that I actually prefer. Anyway they only had it in the Black and White and the Lighter Brown Color that is in the back. It's tough to see but the handles are braided leather. I think I might like it better in the all Black Sig or Leather. What do you guys think. Sorry I can't remember the price.
  2. I love the soho line! Can't wait to see what's next!!!!
  3. hmmm....I dont like it:nogood:
  4. I don't mind it too much (from looking at the pic) but I think I'll have to see it IRL to really determine if I like the style/size or not.
  5. yuck.. thanks for the heads up
  6. Ya I think I am going to have to wait to see ths in real life.
  7. I love the Soho line, but not sure if this would be big enough for my taste. But the style's okay. :yes:
  8. oh, is that the soho - i thought is was a Lucy? this is the one i discussed last friday nite - i dont want to offend anyone but irl the material seems different than the typical jacquard material - much thinner.. i could love this in leather though :smile:
  9. It looks alright. I would get it if it were in other colors. IDK...
  10. hhmmm.. I'll have to see that one irl I am definitely on the fence with that picture. :shrugs:
  11. I like the soho line in general but I don't like that new bag :nogood: