New Soft Patent Riki in Cigar

  1. Saks came through and a delivery was waiting for me in the snow this morning.
    riki 001.jpg
  2. to make up for the error, they even gift wrapped it which I thought was a nice touch.
    riki 002.jpg riki 003.jpg
  3. Oh more more... take off all the wrapping:party:
  4. Here she is.........

    I have to say I love the color and didn't think I would like the patent without the crinkles, but it is so smooth and buttery. :tup:
    riki 017.jpg riki 019,jpg.jpg riki 008.jpg riki.jpg
  5. someone asked about the difference between the old and new patent leather (sorry can't remember who).

    Here is a shot of my ramona in the wet look patent and a shot of the riki in the new soft patent to compare.
    ramon_004.jpg riki 015.jpg
  6. lionlaw, it's lovely. Wear it in good health!
  7. Oh that is stunning!!!! Enjoy.*I'm a very unattractive shade of pea green right now* :smile:
  8. I love the color saturation of the bag, it is lovely.
  9. :ty:Thanks everyone.
  10. Very pretty! How about a modeling pic or two?:girlsigh:
  11. I love this bag!!! I've seen it and its even more amazing IRL than in the pictures. Lionlaw you have quite a collection!!!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo: I am so happy everything worked out for you lionlaw :happydance:

    After all the recent headaches and problems you have had to endure, you deserve a nice new Choo at a good discount :wlae:
  13. lionlaw - Great - a happy ending to the madness of mail order Choos. What a pretty color. That color is my favorite of the new patents. Reminds me of my favorite candy, caramel! Enjoy!
  14. Thanks Jburgh. Caramel is the perfect description for the color. Its like liquid candy!!
  15. thanks Robyn. After the headaches, it was good to finally have one order go successful.