New Soft Chain Pochette Is Here!

  1. Got got back from Aruba and found my new chanel pochette waiting here for me.I FREAKIN LOVES IT!Its TINY..yes..but perfect for a gals night out.which I need...heehee......I know Selena hated it as it was too small but mine is a keeper for an evening is VERY small...i was a bit surprised Selena was.
    The chain is tdf..Will post pics in the AM....Gotta unpack all my new goodies from Aruba..LOL
  2. Welcome home!! Go unpack, take the night off, we'll all be here in the morning!!
  3. We need pics ASAP!!! :drool:
  4. Welcome back!! Nice to come back to Chanel waiting for you at home
  5. welcome back Jill! can't wait to see pics!
  6. OMG!! i can't wait to see pics!!!!

    welcome back!
  7. welcome back. that's a nice bag. can't wait to see pics.
  8. I bet you have a killer tan to go along with your new goodies!! Can't wait to see the newest additions :yes:
  9. ooh, can't wait to see pics. hope you had tons of fun in aruba, Jill!
  10. welcome back jill!!cant wait for the pics!;p
  11. Welcome back Jill, hope you had a great time.
    Love to see your pics!
  12. welcome back
  13. glad you like the pochette and welcome back!
  14. Can't wait for pics!!..Welcome back...Didn't you love it there!!?? Geez how long were you gone..seems like you just left..Can't wait to see pics of the Chanel..AND your goodies from Aruba!!
  15. Just went for a 4 day weekend to Aruba...did lots of damage in Gucci and in diamond jewelry..LOL...then came home to 2 bags deliuvered from Chanel and LV..rofl..good shopping week here!!!LOL!