new! *snow flakes*

  1. Love IT!
  2. they're so cute :nuts:!

    but what are they :weird:?
  3. that was my question yeux LOL.... i went OO:huh:o:huh::huh:o but what are they.
  4. snow flake pins!:heart:
  5. thanks for sharing this site sophia. they have pictures of the neatest things available at the boutique
  6. i love the luggage!!!

    now there is a trunk i wouldnt mind dying in
  7. Aww. Only available in Japan I suppose, right?
  8. cute
  9. That's so cute!
  10. some more pics!! :smile: :heart:
    LV12965390.jpg IMG-20060815184302.jpg
  11. so adorable... is LV selling them?
  12. they look like jigsaw puzzle pieces!
  13. ah ok :P. i love them :love:!
  14. Looks cute, and great for winter to match your outfit.
    (Such a shame it's heating up in Aussie land soon)
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