New smilies/emoticons

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  1. Hi!
    Any chance on getting a few more emoticons?
    I especially miss the shrug!
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  2. I'm wondering the same thing
  3. :shrugs:

    Edit: This is Megs I'm on Vlad's computer and didn't remember he's signed in! But here's the full list, majoirty are there, tell us which ones we're still missing!
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  4. You're the best Megs :happydance:
  5. Yes! That one. Since I am often confused :panic: it fits me well...bwahaha!

    I don't many, I did see someone ask about the bag slap, that one was pretty funny.

    Thanks, Megs!
  6. We can always add more!! No problem, piece of cake!!! :yahoo:
  7. Where is the emoticon link on the iPhone (not app, via browser)?
  8. Okay, so they're located there, but I don't see them while I'm posting a Reply. How can I get to them during a "Reply"? (Sorry for the stupid question but I miss the rest of them besides what are there during a live Reply)
  9. I can see that they're here, but I can't find them when I need one - just a few show up when you click the icon on the computer, and they are nowhere to be found in the app. Other than creating a link on my iPad home screen and toggling back and forth from the app, how can I find them?
  10. The forum smiles are only accessible via the browser version of TPF and sadly not supported by the app.

    ...unless you memorize all the shortcodes and enter them manually in the app post editor...
  11. Megs, how did you get that shrugs?
    Am I just blind? I don't see it...
  12. I type in :shrugs: : shrugs : with no space....
  13. Meant to add - I think you can pop out the emoticons to see more of them, but maybe they don't all show... I'll check with Vlad!
  14. You're not blind, but it's not where you're looking.
    I think a lot of people don't realize that most of the smilies are in the "help" section found at the very bottom of the page - down where it says: Feedback & FAQ, Moderators, Help, Contact Us, Terms and Rules
    The full list of smilies/emoticons are not available when you click the little happy face in the menu bar.

    Speaking of smilies, we really need a good side eye/sneer one. :blah: is good but rarely conveys my true emotion of "child, please" :lol:
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  15. Can we get the holiday smilies added to the list--santa, Christmas tree, etc???
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