"New" smell?

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  1. I just recieved my Josephine wallet literally two seconds ago! I almost didn't get it today because the FedEx deliverly man did not even knock on the door. Luckily my babies (dogs) heard him and started barking. So I ran out the door and two the street and stopped him as he was getting in his truck. :yes:

    Anways, I took out my new wallet and it has this VERY powerful chemical smell... I would say it is similar to PVC piping, but A LOT stronger. ew. :sick: :faint:

    Anyone else experience this before? I have only ordered purses before and they didn't stink.

    Also, any suggestions on how to "air it out" I had to move it away from me because it is giving me a headache!

    I guess Louis Vuitton is cutting down sells by fumigating their customers!! ;)
  2. Is this made out of vernis?
  3. Oh sorry, Mono!
  4. just air it out....or store with one of those dry cleaning sachets, the ones that give clothes that nice, freshly cleaned scent....it worked for me and my vernis wallet which REALLY smelled disgusting for the first week or so =.=
  5. Yes just air it out....it won't smell that way for too long. Enjoy your wallet!
  6. never noticed a smell
  7. Me either, at least not with any new Louis Vuitton. Maybe it's a chemical that only some people can smell.
  8. New Louis Vuitton items do have some smell. Normally, Monogram Canvas doesn't have a strong smell. Your wallet should be fine after a few days.
  9. I personally just air them out. I know a few people who risk putting either an open container of baking soda or charcoal inside their bags or beside their opened wallets to absorb the odor. Hope this helps...
  10. hmmmm...I own a Josephine and no strong scent there as a matter of fact the normal monogram canvas scent (that I like) is very faint.

    I'm sure once you use it the scent will eventually fade :smile:
  11. Hmm very weird, all of mine have only ever smelled of delicious leather :love:
  12. lol I like the smell!
  13. Thanks ladies for all your posts. After a few weeks it has lessened but is still quite noticeable. Hopefully it will all go away eventually because it is so bad it makes my nose burn!
  14. I know the smell you're talking about! It's really strong and pretty nasty. I have one bag that has such a strong smell and I've had it over a year. Everyone I ask says it's smells like leather but I think it reeks. It gives me a headache. I've been trying different methods to get rid of it. I think your wallet will lose the smell quickly though- just air it out for a few days and don't leave it in a dustbag. Try to air it out outside for a while if you can.
  15. That's weird. I don't have a Josephine wallet but I have some mono canvas items and never really was bothered too much by any smell. The only smell I never noticed was the leather vachetta on some of my bags, but that is a delicious smell!