NEW Small Stam!

  1. Must. Have. :love: :love: :love:

    I don't love the two pockets on the one side but I can deal. I might have to return my Bronze Stam and wait for this one. Decisions! I'm going to get more scoop on this today but the color in the pic is called Mouse and I know it will also come in black. I remember being told that the colors would be very limited (as usual). And I also know that this one is MORE expensive than the regular Stam at $1300. Still, I shall have it one way or another!

    I'm thinking those who prefered the original bags won't like this one as well as I do. I LOVE the more scructured style of the 06 bags.
    Small Stam.jpg
  2. Darn you, Daisy!!:evil: I was completely prepared to not like the newer one, since the idea of the two pockets didn't appeal to me (thought they'd be slanted like the banana hobo), but that's cuter than I'd imagined and the color looks great.

    Can't like this one though - can't like it.:blink: Maybe I can find fault with the more east west shape.......... I still love your Bronze though!
  3. Thanks for posting the pic! I've been curious about what this bag looked like! Now I know. I wonder what colors they'll make it in....
  4. Hehe, Sorry Style!

    The bag will only come in Mouse (shown), Black, and Chestnut, which will be a cognac-type brown. Not thrilled with those color choices but Mouse might be nice. Oh, and it will be available at the end of May. So we can save up!
  5. Oh, I like it. I'm not going to buy it, though. I am not!
  6. Oh so cute! I've been resisting the lure of all things "Stam-like". Ahhhh!!!
  7. Oooo, love the new size and shape! I'm on the list for this one, but had yet to see a pic. I actually like those pockets on the outside - not that I'd ever use them - but they're a nice detail.
  8. are there bigger pictures anywhere?
    i love the shape!!!
  9. Yay--something to get excited about! Thanks for posting the picture!
  10. I got this pic from NAP... haven't seen it anywhere else yet.

    BTW, the official name is the "Little Stam", not "Small". :lol:
  11. It's cute but I like the normal sized Stam more.
  12. I like this bag. Daisy, do you know any of the dimensions? This looks like the best color. Sure wish he would get a little more creative on his colors - like bringing back the midnight blue!!
  13. I've emailed Lucie about this bag,Daisy!! I think it would make a nice addition to my black,chocolate and tan bags:lol: . So I would get this colour and not black.

    MORE expensive?:sad2:

    Hope my tax return arrives in time!!! LOL

    Yeah I'm also keen to know if anyone has the dimensions...

    Seeing that I found the huge structured Stam distinctly over- and underwhelming,I think that this small size is a nice compromise.Hopefully....:suspiciou
  14. OH la la... me likey :nuts: The normal stam is too big for me but this may be perfect!
  15. :unsure: my gooodddnesss!!! I'd pay those 1300 if i had them :love:

    that is not only gorgeous but i'd take it with me clubbing!

    i have the large putty and adore the size (i love big bags)
    and this cyoooote baby stam is making me fall in love all over again..

    anybody know when it's due to be released? and if I'm going to be a longgggggg waiting list if i decide to purchase one? it's a toss up... between uni fees, AQ metallic scarf of the beautiful baby stam..

    i guess owning two of the one bag isnt too useful... i think i might go the scarf :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: