New small quilted Bayswater

  1. Morning ladies!

    I took the plunge and ordered the new quilted Bays in the small size...

    The burgundy leather has a more red tone (but not overly so) and is lighter than oxblood. And the leather is gorgeous! It’s a smooth calf leather, which will need more looking after than the thicker, grainier leathers but will hopefully age well. Fingers crossed!

    I think it’s nicer IRL than it looks on - was concerned that the leather would be very shiny, but it’s actually more of a subtle sheen.


  2. wow! That's a beauty. I prefer the oxblood to be it bit more red toned like your small Bays.
    I have a smooth calf zipped B and I can vouch how hardwearing that leather is
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  3. Thank you! And great to hear about the leather durability- that was my only concern as the colour and finish are lovely.

    And I will have to be a bit more disciplined about what I carry, but not much - and it’s a good thing anyway!
  4. Ooh, congrats! It’s definitely gorgeous!
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  5. Your new bag is beautiful Skater :love:
    So so so pretty that I am now considering this bag for myself :loveeyes:
    Though I have some questions: is the flap less floppy then the one of the heritage SBS? As this is something I didn’t like with that bag.
    And is it as big as an Alexa? As it seems a little bigger then the SBS too..
    What a great purchase anyway, I think it looks fabulous :smile:
    Many congrats and carry it in good healt!
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  6. Thanks ladies!

    Gringach, the flap sits nicely on the bag - I think the leather is generally less slouchy than the classic NVT. It doesn’t hold as much as an Alexa - same as the other new SBS bags and probably similar to the old small Del Rey (which held a lot more than it looked like it would) but higher - you can just fit an iPad regular in.

    It is a gorgeous colour and leather... let us know if you get one too!
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  7. That is a beautiful bag Skater!
    Any modelling pics so we can see the size? Tempted to get one too, love the quilted leather! :heart:
    But I carry quite a lot sometimes so want to make sure its big enough!
    Any pics of inside the bag and what it can hold? Thank you.
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    Thank you! I will try to take a mod shot tomorrow.// Contents today:


    Continental purse, small Cara pouch (around A5 size I think)), smaller pouch around 10cm x 8cm, phone, compact folding hairbrush, headphones.

    Can’t fit any more in, so I will have to be disciplined! I can carry more in an Alexa...
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  9. Thanks for this information :smile:
    Well I first need to assess my collection as I am lacking space for another baby.. But I might make some space for this one as it is just too gorgeous ;)
    If that happens, I will let you know for sure!
  10. I am very bad at keeping my collection under control, so won’t encourage you to purchase!

    I need to move some bags on as I have NOT been myself recently... pre-loved purchase confession coming soon!!
  11. Never seen this before, its gorgeous!
  12. Newly released and I just happened to be looking for a new work bag
  13. Hi Skater,
    Sorry that this post is a few months late, I have been wanting the same bag since I saw your posts. Just wondering how your new bag is holding up before I get one. Do you have to baby it as the leather is quite smooth?
  14. Hi!

    I am still LOVING this bag. I use it several days a week and there is only one teeny tiny mark so far... I’m careful with it, but don’t need to baby it - whereas I once owned a smooth calf small Del Rey which was beautiful but I was just too paranoid to use it, so sold it on. This leather is more robust than I was expecting, which is great!

    No regrets at all with this bag, it’s a beauty and lots of people comment on it! If I could change one thing, I’d make it a tiny bit bigger - but that is literally all!

    Let us know if you go for one...

  15. It's in the sale!