New small continental wallet = LOVE!!

  1. Hey everyone - I mostly hang out over in the Balenciaga sub-forum, so HI! nice to meet you! :flowers:

    Today I picked this up at the BV store in Milan and wanted to share - it's sooooo pretty!! :heart::heart::heart:

    any advice on keeping it clean? it's my first BV! :yahoo:
    july9_0405.JPG july9_0407.JPG july9_0408.JPG july9_0404.JPG
  2. oh, bellenuit, congrats! the color of the wallet is so beautiful (is it carmino or scala? i always get mixed up with the nice red tones ;o) and you`ll surely enjoy it for a long time to come!
  3. ooh, is that carmino? i really think i like this color. as for keeping it clean, i don't know. the edges of my new orange continental wallet are already dirty:sad:
  4. thanks C_24 and kicks!! I don't know what color it is but the SA said it was new - I looked on diabro and it says the Rosso is Autumn/Winter 07? I sure love it!
  5. Gorgeous! I believe that's the carmino color - I love it! I spray my BV bag with Collonil Nanopro - that would be my recommendation - BUT does anyone know if that's good to use on wallets as well?
  6. Hey Bellenuit! Many of us have an appreciation for Balenciaga as well so welcome! I love that color.
  7. i think our amateur sleuthing determined that the new red is carmino and scala is some kind of brown. i'm mildly annoyed that the SA called it rosso -- SAs should know their color names! i don't see why a leather protector that is ok for a bag wouldn't be ok for a wallet too. i assume BV didn't recommend collonil? my experience with BV is they don't recommend using any product on their leather (which seems downright silly to me).
  8. OMG! I love this color! It's very pretty!!! :tup:

  9. Thanks everyone!! The more I look at it (and obviously the more I pet it, golly this stuff is SOFT!!) the more I love it...

    kicks sorry for the confusion, my SA didn't call it rosso, diabro did. My SA didn't call it anything, she just said it was new...

    I'm noticing that BV leather and Bal leather REALLY compliment each other - and the color saturation too! wowzers....
  10. nice wallet! I like the layout
  11. Welcome to the pettably soft side, bellenuit! That is one gorgeous shade of red.
  12. Gorgeous color! I love this wallet. IMO, BV and Bal. have just about the best colors around.
  13. Welcome to the BV board, bellenuit!

    I have the same wallet (isn't it the best? :p), only in Ebano, but yours in Carmino is GORGEOUS!!!!! :tender:
  14. i loooove that color!
  15. Welcome! Love your new purchase-enjoy!