New Slim Tote in Self Magazine

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  1. I just saw this really cute new Coach tote in the April issue of Self Mag - it was featured in an article showing slimmer tote bag styles. Interestingly, it was the most expensive bag featured at $748 - Coach is really getting up there!!
  2. Cute bag..I have also noticed that Coach's leather is getting up there..:sad:
  3. Nice looking bag but I don't care for the flower. Wouldn't pay that price either but I do like the design.

  4. Gorgeous bag but too expensive for me. That bag costs more than my bi-weekly mortgage payment.
  5. I noticed that too. The price is rediculous. Someone's smoking something over there at Coach.
  6. u r too funny, there prices are going up.
  7. I saw that, too and couldn't believe the price. Its a cute tote, but definately not worth the price.
  8. The tote is the tassel...but the flower has to go.
  9. Every magazine I have seen Coach featured in has had a coach ad near the front of it. I think magazines are getting desperate for advertising money to stay afloat. So many bags have been featured lately!