New SLGs for Spring Summer?

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  1. Anyone have any info on new SLGs for spring summer? Thanks!
  2. I'd love to know as well. I love SLG's!
  3. Me too! I buy more SLGs than bags!
  4. I will ask my SA tomorrow if I do decide to go shopping! I love SLGs too because I RARELY switch my handbags--too much of a hassle!
  5. I only know of the Monogram Fleur coming in April. It will feature a flower pattern on the inside with Monogram on the outside. Three colors are offered: rose, violet, and vert. There is a picture of the Sarah in vert in the Spring/Summer pics thread. If I remember correctly from the Lookbook, the Fleur will come in the Sarah wallet, Insolite wallet, Insolite coin purse, and a key holder (4?).
  6. Thanks bmsw. I was hoping the new ombre denim line had some slgs.
  7. i have been calling wanting to get a cosmetic case in damier azur and was told no it's not available from the 866. i was in store on monday and my SA said it will be coming out in may
  8. :love:
  9. I'm hoping to pick up one of the new Cosmic pochettes that are being released in April. There are three vibrant color, a rose color, violet and a bright blue. Price is around $550.00. They will coincide with the matching totes in the same colors.
  10. ^^any pics of the cosmic items?
  11. I wanna see pics of the cosmic items as well. Wonder if anybody has some.
  12. I also saw some pics of SLGs from the Monogram Idylle (mini lin) collection. Nothing yet on the denim.
  13. Sorry to ask but... what is an SLG ?
  14. Small Leather Goods.
  15. Oooh I'm interested to see how that would look. What are the matching totes going to be? Neverfull?