New Slew of Fakes on Ebay

  1. Hey Lexie Im emailing you check your Email :smile:
  2. Yep, I noticed that and have done some alerting. Man what's up with the fakes? eBay did pull most of the Maria/aka Sienna's, but there seem to be a deluge of every other style on there now.

    Is this like the most copied brand or what?
  3. Andygirl's items are GONE!

    Nice work y'all!
  4. I guess we can use this thread to post auctions that need our extra special attention :p .

    That was very cool. They pulled all 19. I only reported one of them
  5. Whew, good job girls!
  6. Isn't it a sad, sad day when someone tries to dupe a buyer?

    Good going girls.
  7. Oh, I didn't get a chance to see them before they were pulled. Glad that we have some smart eagle eyes on bad bags...Job well done, gals!
  8. wow quick work, i love it!
  9. Prettsimple999 has quite a few fake Siennas so WATCH OUT!
  10. ^? which one?
  11. Someone should ask her if it's a real Kooba, lol.
  12. I swear this is the same seller that I almost bought a Ginger from. I mean, how many sellers call you "dear"? Luckily ChristiID saved me and I got my black Ginger at the sample sale.
  13. Some of the replicas can be so good it's frightening, but these fakes were horrid, one had eyelets all through the handles, tassels looked stupid and the whole shape was just off..I'm glad they're gone!