New sleepers for birkins

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  1. When I tried the epsom orange 35cm Birkin and Vert anis, both came with new color dustcovers. They are changing back to the old color sleepers apparantly (that is what SA said anyhow). Anyway, they were beige. Just thought you might like to know.
  2. Thanks Star!!!
  3. Its strange that I got the Potamos and the brown togo birkin in the new beige dustbag, however, few days later when i got the ostrich birkins (both of them) came in the old orange dustbag!:shrugs:

    Maybe they're "in" the stage of changing the dustbag color.
  4. Star.. i found this thread about the new dustbag.. i thought i read about it somewhere!

    New Dust Bags?
  5. Since there is already a thread on this, I have to close this one. Please continue the discussion in that thread, thank you.
    Thank you pinkish for finding the original thread!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.