New sky colors?

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  1. I ran across this on eBay and I liked the color. I called Coach and the style number wasn't in their system and she couldn't find anything that sounded even close to the description. Could this be strictly an outlet creation, and if so, would Coach not have record of it? The seller has 100% positive feedback (528) and has been a member since '04. Does anyone know anything about this or the color?

    The sub-title in the listings said this, "New for Spring 2008! Ready to Ship! Style #40569".
  2. i believe that is from 2-3 yrs ago - i remember seeing it in the store.
  3. I saw this at the outlet. I loved when Coach has the blue mini c's.
  4. Ya I saw this at the outlet last week.
  5. yes i saw it at the outlet as well
  6. i saw it at the outlet along with the sky mini sig wallets at the outlets last week:smile:
  7. This is really cute! Maybe I'll have to go to my outlets and see if they have it in yet
  8. yup this is the new spring stuff at the outlets