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  1. I'm pretty sure this was asked before but I really need some recs for skincare products.

    I've tried so many that I really don't know what to try anymore.

    My skin is so horrible lately. I have tiny little pimples underneath my skin on my forehead, chin and cheeks and I get these breakouts where it's a big fat lump under my skin (TMI yuck)

    I know it's oily/combination but I really don't know what to do anymore. I can't afford beauty treatments so really need something that I can do at home.

    Hit me with your recs.
  2. @ Nikky84,

    I have combination skin, and I just had an experience with little tiny pre-pimples underneath my skin recently due to using thick sunscreen (was on vacation, and my skin turned horrible after my vacation was over). But I'd imagine it's overall the same thing whether you had it from another cause or not.

    I think you probably need to exfoliate your skin. Have you tried this clay mask called Aztec Clay mask? (Aamazon has it, so does vitamin shoppe) IT IS MAGIC. I use it at least once every month to suck and clean alway all the dirt on my face. I also have used it as a spot target treatment for pimples, it dries the crap out of the pimple immediately and vanishes next day (use it with Bragg's apple cider vinegar)

    My daily routine now is:

    I'm 21 and cleanse my face with Shiseido's Ibuki purifying cleanser, and then I tone my face with Thyers Rose witch hazel toner, and then I follow it up with Shiseido's awesome Eudermine (it's a revitalizing essence, liquid. it's been around for 140+ years). Then I use Shiseido's future solution ultimate regenerating serum and I finish it with Shiseido's bioperformance advanced super revitalizer (it's an awesome pre-aging moisturizer). All of those products are very light and I found very suitable for my combination type skin and it doesn't break me out like other products. You can totally omit the serum part in the routine, but I do it for lux.

    I'm also slowly transitioning over to some La Mer products.... Just want to see how it works. I'm using the Concentrate only though, because I was told it would heal up my pimple/acne scars nicely around my nose.
  3. I would try Paula's Choice skincare products and you can go online and order samples before you purchase the large sizes. Her products aren't overly expensive but may work for you.
  4. I highly recommend you read Caroline Hirons blog (, particularly her advice on dealing with acne prone skin, you want to avoid any cleansers that strip your skin of moisture as that is what encourages excess sebum (oil) which brings on the pimples. Also a chemical (doesn't have to be harsh) toner will exfoliate your skin and help to bring the pimples to their end stage.

    I'm 23 with normal skin and I rarely breakout but I had a really nasty breakout after I returned from holiday (nice deep ones concentrated on my forehead and cheeks) and I used Origins Clear Improvement Mask once a week and Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask twice a week until my skin was clear. I also ramped up the moisture by using Pai Rosehip Oil every night.