New size of Gabrielle


Mar 5, 2009
Seems like Chanel have brought out a medium size Gabrielle with a novelty strap.
They have kept the old medium, now called large, and the small.
I really like the size.... but hate the novelty strap!
So far I have only seen in pink and black.
Does anyone know if it will be available one day in beige and black or white and black.
So glad they have done this as the small is too small and the old medium stuck out too far as a cross body.


Jul 1, 2020
I have seen the new size without the novelty strap about a month ago, but in a dark red colour. It had a marking/scrape in the bottom corner (Chanel referred to it as a blemish) so I opted for another bag in the end. SA told me we could possibly try and order another one from another province (she believed there was one in black and beige), but I chose not to as I didn’t feel comfortable purchasing sight unseen as there is no returns in Canada (only exchanges).
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Bitten by the CHANEL Bug
Jul 28, 2007
I wasn’t following Chanel closely last year, but I believe Chanel only released the New Medium a couple of times last year. I’ve been after the version without a strap, in traditional black, for a good part of last year. My boutique SA hasn’t seen it and I haven’t seen it pop up on the website so I don’t think it’s something that’s been released every season. I really hope they release it in 2021, otherwise I may end up buying a Small and Medium to try to fill my desire for the New Medium