New Simples - Opinions needed

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm itching for another pair (my 6th) and I found a pair of metallic leather new simples (120 heel I believe). They are my TTS and some lovely ladies in the sizing thread have said that they would probably be a good fit. The possible deal-breaker is that even though they are new, they have a few very small scuffs in the metallic leather. Can someone tell me what these retailed for new and if they have ever gone on sale? Also, what do you guys think would be a fair price for shoes that are new, but have some not-so-obvious damage? Also, can someone tell me about the heel height? Is it similar to my NPs as far as the platform is concerned?
    Thank you for your input!!!
  2. vhdos - the New Simples are one of my favorite styles. Comfy, classic, and comes in so many different colors :smile: They retail for around $695 but they are included in most sales. They are 120mm but the platform is a bit thinner than the NPs. As for the scuffs, a good cobbler should be able to fix. HTH!!
  3. ^your response was extremely helpful CCLK! Thanks for enabling me :smile:
  4. ^^LOL, just doing my job :happydance:
  5. What color laminato are they? Sometimes it's hard for cobblers to match the color perfectly. Laminato also scuffs really easily (in my experience), so it's not very surprising that though they're new, they have scuffs.
  6. I have the bronze laminato New Simples, and they have scuffed fairly easily. My cobbler has said that they can match the shade pretty closely, but can't guarantee a color match. I just had them do a clear buff on them, and they look fine. I may end up dyeing them or going with the cobblers restoration color in the future.
  7. I have that same pair; I got them at the Saks sale last year - I paid something like $25Xish for them (can't remember). They do scuff pretty easily.

    I'm taking them to the cobbler but for now the scuffs aren't that big, so I matched them perfectly with this Shu Uemura eye shadow I have, and it seems to cover up the tiny scuffs. :smile: It's a pretty temporary trick, but it works. I might also dye them later on.
  8. ^^interesting :thinking:
  9. heheheee...I'm not sure it's the *best* idea, but it works for the short term
  10. The ones I'm looking at are a rose gold - one of my favorites! I really, really want a pair of rose gold VPs. My big debate is whether or not I should get these because they are close to what I really want or if I should hold off for now and wait for something else? The other issue is that I prefer a peep toe, but ALL of my CL are peep toes, except for my booties, so I'm thinking that maybe I need to branch out? Too many variables - I think my head is spinning...

  11. haha, that's what I do too before a purchase :smile: I would probably consider two things before you buy: #1 - are they on sale? if they are I would get them. If not, and they're not your true love, I would hold out.

    That said, it is good to branch out from peep toes. I used to only buy peep toe, but I can't really wear them to work so I started getting more closed toe styles, and now I think I like them even more.
  12. I would end up paying about $470 for them. As I said, they are new, but not perfect. Sound worth it?
  13. Oh man, Im sad I missed that!
  14. the ultimate buy was a pair of Scissor Girls I bought for mom last year - final price from $179
  15. Oh, I also forgot to add that my close second choice right now is a new pair of fuchsia suede new simples (same heel height). I could nail those for about $350. Ack, I hate making decisions! Here is the list of what I already have:
    Patent Tiger NPs
    Peacock Suede NPs
    Nude Eel Skin NPs
    Red Patent NPs
    Black Cest Moi Booties
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