New Simple vs Simple

  1. To those who have tried the new simple pumps, how do they feel compared to the simples?

    Thank you!
  2. They don't feel much different than the previous style simples. I still have to buy a pair of new simples. I like them. :tup:
  3. does anyone know the heel height?
  4. lists them as 4"... so that's about 110s?
    new simple pumps_royal blue.jpg new simple pumps_royal blue_back.jpg new simple pumps_pewter.jpg new simple pumps_black.jpg
  5. I "so" need to see lots of modelling photos. Something about the covered platform makes me hesitant.
  6. I want the pewter ones. :love:
  7. Those just don't do it for me.......the platform detracts from the style, imo.
  8. ITA ^^^^
    There are so many platform styles to choose from.
    Why not keep the "simple" style classic, traditional and simple :confused1:
  9. I was thinking of getting the pewter ones also though I am torn between those and the Burma VP's
  10. ITA! I prefer the nonplatform version and if I want to punch it up a bit, I would do so by getting it in a stand out color or texture.
  11. ITA Lavender. I'm not a huge fan of the new simple.
  12. I really prefer the original simples, they aren't doing away with that style are they?
  13. it doesn't look so bad in patent:
  14. I love the new simple in the patent but overall prefer the simple.
  15. I like the simple as well, but I would love it in that pewter!!!