New Simple 120 - Questions about stretching?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm going to be getting a pair of the New Simple 120 in patent leather and I wasn't sure if I should go more than a half size up. I unfortunately don't have the opportunity to go try them out in person but I was wondering if any of you have experienced stretching over time? Or if they're only a half size too small for me, could I just take them to a cobbler for stretching even if they're patent leather?

    Thanks so much!
  2. NS 120mm is very tts to me. I'm 37 in non-designer shoes and I take 37 in NS.
  3. Yes, they stretch over time. I'm between a 39 and 39.5 in New Simples, and my patent black 39 New Simples became more comfortable over time from some stretching. That said, they seem to stretch much less than my Simple Pumps, for example. The structure seems a bit more rigid, perhaps due to the platform.