New Silverado Boots, out today

  1. Omg those are hot!! :love:
  2. I'm loving them too! :heart: ....Unfortunately I always seem to ruin all my new shoes/boots no matter how careful I am, they get scuffs whe driving car or the rain attacs me etc.... :crybaby:
    I dont know is it just bad luck or is it me doing something wrong with them :wtf: That's why I'm too scared to spend much on boots. Thank god I dont have the same problem with bags - they all stay in perfect condition even I carry them all the time! :rolleyes:
  3. I have that problem with boots too but sadly I wind up buying them anyway... My bags always stay in great condition as well! :yes:

  4. Thanks Audrey, I mean I'm reliefed I'm not the only one ruining boots - I thought there's something badly wrong with me! :biggrin:
    ....My BF just said my car (soon my ex-car!!) has too tiny space for feet, I'm hoping the next one will be more boot-friendly one...? :P I would be so ready for some paddington or silverado boots! :o)
  5. I do the same thing!! I have a HOT pair of Zanotti mule-boots that are
    totally scuffed. But I love them to death!!

    I have a tiny convertible so when DH & I go out in it, paddy AND shoes
    must sit on his lap (hee hee)
  6. OMG.... those boots are badass!!!! especially in black...I like the heel a lot. I can't wait til u get the shoes....those are TDF
  7. I was browsing the NAP website, after I saw chloebabe's head's up and became distracted from the footwear by the clothing -- Ive absolutely loved this dress, ever since I saw it on the runway (the famous trip and fall thing!).
  8. Oops. Here's the pictures! Photo, obviously, courtesy of NAP.
  9. Oh, those are SO nice! You are lucky !I'm also in love with other Chloe boots, they are all simply devine, as well as bags. But I can't afford any of those :crybaby: :crybaby: