new silver reissue

  1. Purchased a chanel dark silver reissue size 226 and recieved it a few days ago...isnt it the more gorgeous color ever? :smile:
    bag 001.jpg
  2. Congrats!! it's sooo beautiful!!! How I wish I know how to match silver with my clothes!
  3. Omg, bag to die for. May i know where you get it?
  4. Just stunning! :drool: I love mine too... IMO, it's a gorgeous, complex color that looks even better IRL. Congratulations on finding such a beautiful, HTF bag... enjoy it!! :smile:
  5. Does it come in 227 as well? The boutique here hasnt received any in that color yet :cursing:
  6. I love it. I'm sure it's one of the best masterpiece of Chanel handbags....I have one too...he..he..
  7. wow!! it's beautiful! how'd u find it?!
  8. Ooooo, it is TDF!!! Congrats and Enjoy!:wlae:
  9. OMG, did it come out, finally? Can I ask where did you get it? I've been waitinglisted for this bag for so long!
  10. Oh it's gorgeous!! congratulations!!!!
  11. Oh my that is gorgeous!!! :love:

  12. gorgeous!!
  13. gorgeous!
  14. thanks, I love it. I found it through my fabulous SA who bent over backwards to locate it :d
  15. gorgeous!!! lucky you to have found such a difficult-to-find bag!

    Ohhh, will you indulge us with modeling pics please?! :smile: