New silver long wallet

  1. I got this silver long Gucci wallet the other day, hoping I could use it as a clutch for a daytime wedding I have on Saturday. I'm wearing a black dress with a silver belt and silver accessories. Is this better or this other Fendi small metallic bag....I'd love to hear people's suggestions, thanks!
    DSC01514.JPG DSC01512.JPG
  2. The wallet, definitely, it's gorgeous!
  3. Both are gorgeous! I think the wallet would work great as a clutch.
  4. OMG the purse is TDF!!!!! You almost wish it had straps so you never had to hide it in your bag! Good buy!
  5. I say the wallet/clutch! :}
  6. wallet for sure....purse would be a little too much!

    HAVE FUN and congrats to the bride and groom! :smile:
  7. I say the wallet as well. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
  8. I agree - the wallet is the way to go!
  9. Very pretty, get the wallet
  10. i love it!!
  11. the wallet, I think the bag would take the look off from you and what you would be wearing and the attention would go to the purse. Use the wallet as a clutch :smile:
  12. drools, both are hot
  13. I have the same wallet!!! i like how it opens on both sides. I"m gonna use this as a clutch.