New Signature Studded Gallery tote....

  1. Is anyone getting this one and what color!?! I cant WAIT!!! I hope it comes out tomorrow!! Hubby is off of work and he said he will take me to get it.:graucho: I found the pics on the Japan site here....>



  2. Thats so cute!
  3. I'm liking the cream!
  4. i love the cream and the black!! i want them both!! haha
  5. Please post modeling pics if anyone gets it. I'd like to see if it fits over the shoulder and if it's not too big.
  6. A vote for cream :yes:
  7. Me too!!!! They are suuuper yummy!!!!!! I Love the color of the cream, and I love the contrast of the studs and the black.......veeery drool worthy!!!!
  8. wow the cream is TDF
  9. It's soooooo pretty!
    But by seeing the measurements.. Kinda small for me.......... T_T
  10. The cream is really pretty! Anyone know what bags are being discontinued? (Is the Sig Stripe?)
  11. I love that bag in the chocolate and cream.
  12. I'm usually a lurker, but I saw this today and it is really cute! It's all-purpose medium size bag. I love larger bags, but this one looked big enough to hold my stuff. The straps are just too short for me to use it as a shoulder bag, or it might have come home with me. However, I'm 5'10", so it might be okay for a more petite lady.

    Also, it is really more gold than cream. The picture looks cream, but IRL there is gold thread woven through the whole thing. Personally, I loved the extra shimmer. :smile:
  13. I saw these at my store today. They are VERY pretty IRL. I agree with LadyPresident, the cream is really a light gold bag. Its GORGEOUS!
  14. I thought the cream looked gold too. Whatever it is, it's very pretty.
  15. Here are the wristlets to match. I saw them today at Dillard's and they were ADORABLE! They are trimmed in patent!:drool: From the Coach website.