New signature stripe!

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  1. I don't buy much sig but I think it's very cute!
  2. Hmm...I kind of like it. But dont love it yet.
    It might have to grow on me. I like the stripe goin across better.
  3. I kind of like the second one. I think I have to see more pictures and see them in person before I make a decision.
  4. I'm thinking metallic's must be hot NOW (obviously) and for the near future if Coach keeps them coming! Like the silver bag, the gold's OK..neither are anywhere NEAR large enough for me!!! Line looks like it may be promising though!
  5. The satchel is cute but I'm hoping for something a bit bigger I some different colors for spring. Thanks for posting!
  6. Wow, I'm really disappointed. And normally sig stripe is my favorite line.
  7. It's very cute, a fresh take.
  8. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love those! Must have.
  9. I think it's cute, I hope they come out with some more colors.
  10. I adore it with the metal tag and all...makes me think of some old school gucci bags! Yummy!
  11. A tote would be great!
  12. That silver satchel is really cute!
  13. i'm not crazy about it right now, i agree with btobias...i like it going across better.
  14. Thanks for posting! I like the first one!