New Signature Stripe Tote! *PICS*

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  1. Ok, I wasn't sure about this bag on the website, but once I saw it in person, I just knew I had to have it! It's just what I've been looking for!

    This bag is sooooo light and it will fit all my work/kid goodies with no problem. Of course, the legacy lining was the final touch--it's by far my favorite!

    I have to say that my SAs didn't know about the rub off on the denim model until I asked and they pulled the care card out of the bag. Brown is my favorite color, so I decided this was the best fit.

    I hope this helps others get a better feel for this bag!:wlae:

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  2. its really cute!!! good choice!!
  3. I got the denim tote and the wallet to match.The store agreed the bag I got Saturday was damaged somehow. This one is not fuzzy or scratched on the leather. Also, the SA that I know very well told me that it is just for light colored clothes that rub against the bag constantly and transfer that the wallet would NOT rub off on the legacy lining. I returned the french legacy wallet and got the denim one which is easier to get into and zips around and can be worn with brown also. It is a beautiful bag. She said if it transfers..bring it back immediately. She said even last years denim did not transfer, but her own Whiskey Mandy got green on it from a tee shirt from American Eagle that was washed. That was a legacy bag that could not be cleaned with any moisterizer too. She said all people should wash new denim jeans before wearing them next to any Coach bag, suede or jacquard.ACCCCK. I hope this does not bleed on that lining... Say a little prayer for me...Congrats on the brown. I just had to have the blue..... :tup:
  4. very cute and of course I love the Legacy lining!
    Congrats on your new bag!
  5. I love totes and that one is so cute with the lining. Congrats!
  6. Lynn,

    I know why you wanted the denim--it really is gorgeous in person. I just know I'm not a careful person, which means 1) no white bags and 2) nothing that transfers!

    I really love brown, though, so this was a good choice for me. I also like the horizontal style of this one. It's a good combo bag.

    Also, I noticed that the satchels did not have the legacy lining inside. It seems they're saving that mostly for tote styles.

    Bummer, that!
  7. Very nice. Congrats!
  8. omg I LOVE the legacy lining!! Congrats!!
  9. That legacy lining gets me every time.....congrats!!
  10. That bag looks so great on you! :yes: I love the size and that Legacy lining is gorgeous! Enjoy!!
  11. That is beautiful! Does it come in a smaller size?
  12. ohh its fabulous i love the size! :smile: and lining good pick looks great on you !
  13. OMG, that bag is gorgeous on you. I went to the boutiques today and the signature stuff is really nice.
    Brown is my favorite color too! Great choice. Congrats!
  14. Very nice bag! much as I LOVE the legacy lining...I think I would ruin it inside a tote (I'm generally "rougher" on totes than my handbags) But that's just me!

    enjoy it!
  15. I got the smaller tote not the larger one and the wallet. I liked the brown, but am a denim person and I missed lat years. I think this bag is going to sell very well. I am very nervous about that transfer ability now that I found a comfortable bag. Also I did win an outlet Winter Holiday patchwork bag on ebay to exactly match the wristlet I showed pics of that was perfect just like new from a previous seller last night. I do hope the suede is good. I do not think that Coach would make that wallet if it bled knowing people would put it and the wristlet to match in their bags or totes. at least the SA said it would not, but if I wear jeans which I promarily would with that bag..I would probably wear a darker blue or black top, not white or pink, definitely. Congrats!!!!