New Signature Stripe Tote..does anyone

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  1. know what colors they are coming in?? TIA!!
  2. brown, parchment, denim from what I've seen so far
  3. I have it, it comes in brown and jacquard signature much like the reversible tote, but with a legacy striped lining.It is nice with the matching wallet and light. It also comes in a dark denim, unlike the Carly denim, very indigo with a blue stripe and brown distressed straps. I had been concerned about the fuzz on the dyed denim and the slight cut on the strap, but I will fix that today, as either an exchange or replacement. They are both lovely.
  4. The only new color released is denim. So, nothing spectacular. I hope they bring punch back next spring.
  5. I saw the new Chocolate/Brown Sig Stripe Tote yesterday at Dillards. It looks JUST LIKE the other "older" version with the Sig Jaquard fabric and the dark brown/chocolate stripe with LEGACY STRIPE LINING....SUPER PRETTY!!!
  6. they also have a department store exclusive which is chocolate signature fabric with a white stripe. it looks yummy.
  7. And the parchment from what our lovely SAs have described for us!
  8. the other differrence is that it's missing the leather trim on the top edge whereas the old ones do have it.
  9. Thanks so much ladies..I want the parchment and the matching accordian wallet..does anyone if they are reversible still, I was kind of assuming not because of the legacy lining..
  10. I saw that one in Macy's at the Beverly Center earlier this week. Very pretty!
  11. Not designed to be reversible. I saw the parchment one at Stanford today.
  12. If you search for "stripe" on the website it brings up a picture of the tote with a red colored stripe! But when you click on it, its not available as a color option. I really want one of the satchels, but I would hate to buy it in the brown and have it come out in some gorgeous color I have to have.
  13. There will be new monogrammable colors coming out for holiday, but i'm not sure on the colors yet.