New Signature Denim Striped Totes: How are we all doing???

  1. Hey girls! How are those new signature striped totes doing??? Is everyone calmer now about rub off? Still havent seen any rub off here, and I have been using this tote over a full week now!!! Let me know how you're all doing w/ yours!!
  2. i love her love her love her, but of course last night i was looking her over (again) and i noticed that a small part of the stripe (on the front of course) is a little frayed. my bf says i'm nuts and it's not noticeable but i know it's there and that's all that matters. i have to decide whether or not to exchange her. Also, i still have the receipt but i took the tag off. i think they would still let me exchange her.
  3. I definitely think they would let you exchange her!!! Before I used her, I was actually going to exchange her for the 10339 legacy shoulder bag in black/ebony b/c I cant get my mind off that bag!!!!!!! But, I used her now and LOVE her....I am also concerned about that stripe....will is SNAG on a ring or anything like that????????? HMMMMMMMM........