New Signature Coated Totes

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  1. OK, I might be weird but I kind of liked the new coated Signature Totes. I just don't like the canvas straps. Anyone know the item numbers for the line?
  2. 11350 and 113531
  3. Does anyone have pictures of these bags? I'm curious and couldn't get the style numbers to work in the drilldown.
  4. I'd like to see pics of these, too, out of curiosity....
  5. Thanks for the numbers. I was in the Boutique in Willow Grove PA and they had them on display.
  6. I just checked the drilldown and there are no pictures yet for those numbers. Bummer! I'm very curious about this line!
  7. I thought they were ok, but why aren't they a lot cheaper? i know with Gucci their coated canvas is substantially cheaper than their other lines.