New Signature Beaded Tote - Opinions?

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  1. So...I was at Nordstrom last night and saw the Signature Beaded Tote...I love the body of the bag but worry about the beaded portion.


    Has anyone gotten one? How do you think the beaded portion will hold up? I always worry about this kind of embellishment - I've seen so many unravel. And it would look dumb without them. :smile:

    Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. I think its soo cute I'd get it anyway LOL.
  3. I purchased last years beaded tote. I do use this bag and am not too careful with it. I have had no broken beads, none missing, and my suede is in perfect condition. Coach is so great when problems arise with their product I never really worry about my purchases.

    I hope this helps.
  4. I like it.
  5. I think it is a beautiful bag. I also thought that Coach would stand behind their product so if the beading falls apart they would repair or replace the bag. But I don't own one, so I don't know for sure.
  6. it is terribly lovely...are you going to convince your phh that this is the "one" (for now!)?
  7. they are nice...however, i prefer the beaded totes from last year...i have been kicking myself for not buying one last year!!!!!actually still looking for one but not ready yet for e-bay...
    be care ful of the suede....i bought the signature gallery tote with the brushed gold suede and suede corners last year and the corners w/ suede did not hold up well...just FYI
  8. i have one from last year and during the summer, i used it A LOT... and on the bottom side of the beads, where it often rubs on on my body, some of the beads were coming undone on one line =(
  9. I love this bag!! I may buy it with my coupon, I haven't decided. Definately go for it!
  10. I LOVE :love: the black sig version of this bag! It has lovely silver hardware and beads. I almost got it... decided to get the legacy satchel instead, but if I was richer, I definitely would have added this one (just don't need another black tote).


  11. :yes: they do. my manager had hers sent in b/c the beads were falling....

    and they sent her a brand new one!
  12. I like last years better. This years is still nice but last years just stand out more in my opinion.
  13. I love this year's signature beaded tote! If you be careful enough with it, i am sure the beads would stay on.
  14. I love last years beaded totes, much more than this years!! but I think they are still cute, get it get it get it!
  15. Yes, they will repair it up to 3x and if something happens to the beads again they give you full credit and suggest you purchase another bag. This happened to a friend of mine last year.

    Oops this was answered, sorry I didn't read well enough.