New Sig Men's Sneakers... for a steal!

  1. It took Macy's 3 days to find the matching shoe to the one I found on the clearance rack but after work today I picked up signature Burkes in khaki. Originally $125, they were 50% off, so $62.50 then the man gave me the 20% for family and friends, so they were $52 with tax and THEN I signed up for a credit card and got them for $41.60! :supacool:

    It made up for my super s****y day at work for sure.


  2. I didnt know they made shoes for men. Awesome got a great bargain!!!
  3. Nice!! I could never see my hubby even attempt to put them on tho, he'd run SO fast. LOL!
  4. Wow! Great deal! They are cute- i like them with the big C's! a little more unassuming and no so in your face COACH like some of my flats lol
  5. They are like the huge Carly C's. I'm so jealous you girls get to cary such a cuuuuuute bag. The girls at work tell me I could rock one if I wanted to. Yeah, if wanted to get rocks thrown at me. LOL.
  6. I think the Carly is too unstructured for a hawt dude to carry, it would look weird...i dunno...not that you can't rock slouch it just is too feminine of a bag :sad:

    but at least you get hot shoes! seriously, I love them on you.
  7. Ohhh they are so nice! Congrats on getting such a great deal :tup:
  8. Oh I LOVE those!!! They look great on you! know what....I think the new Khaki/Choc. Large Carly would look good on a guy.

  9. haha that was funny ^^ about the rocks being thrown at you. The bag on your avatar is a good bag for a male. Anyway, enjoy rockin' those shoes!!
  10. really cute shoes! and a GREAT price!
    you could carry a bag if you wanted.
    don't let stupid people or flying rocks convince you otherwise.
  11. i want those in my size....
  12. Those shoes are yummy! Coach is starting to make some really nice stuff for males!
  13. those are teh same a smy burke canvas shoes just with signature print ... i have to admit macys has some greta selction of coach shoes also chekc otu lord and taylor they are having a sale also
  14. Omg! Ive been looking for those! I only find the slip on versions! I wanted those when I saw em on some guy in Vegas! He wore em all wrong though hahaha. I want those badly! Burkes right?!?

    And go ahead rock a bag I have several bags I love and rock to death.

    I support men wearing bags!
  15. The slip-on versions are called "Sanders" btw haha.

    I think you should def rock a bag though!