New sidekick 3 info--designer

  1. Hello! This might be old news, but I was at TMobile today and the SA told me that this year, they are not redoing the Juicy Sidekick 2. Rather, they are doing a limited edition with Diane Von Fustenburg (SP??? LOL I just remember her for her beautiful wrap dresses!!)

    There was one other more masculine SK3 coming out as well, but I don't remember what it was.

    Sorry if this is old info...just wanted to pass it along!!! :smile:
  2. Oh too bad. I just purchased the sidekick 3 a month ago. I would have waited had I know!
  3. Drat, me too, I just bought mine this week.
  4. Its the LRG based (which is like some skating clothes for guys). And actually, the LG looks way better than the Diane one. I'm putting up pics below. I personally don't like either much.


  5. I was thinking about getting a sidekick, I'll definitely be waiting for the Juicy one!
  6. darn it, i wish they remade the juicy one. i don't like the diane one at all, it seems more masculine than the one made for the guys!
  7. cute, i like the green one..
  8. Lol I must be slow... I meant the new one.
  9. Well, those are the only limited editions coming out. I know because I keep up with all of this info (public and non-public). I'm kinda disappointed that there is no juicy couture sk3.

    So those are the new limited editions.
  10. awwwwwwww i like the black/pinkish One :kiss:
  11. Yeah. I love the lips!
  12. I know! I love my Juicy sidekick 2 but am SOOOO disappointed that they aren't making the Juicy sidekick 3!! I am really shocked since the SK2 did so well for that brand!!
  13. I know!! I'm part of the Sidekick Hub (which is only 200 people that Tmobile enlisted for research purposes regarding the sidekicks) and I complained quite a lot!!

    Hopefully, they will reconsider that for the sk4!!
  14. They are really cute, but kind of pricey. Maybe I'll get it...
  15. I wanted a Juicy one, but might not get it now. I loved the pink ones.