New Show on E!: Sunset Tan

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  1. Did anyone else watch the premiere of this show? WTH? A show all about tanning salons and the drama that goes with working at one. I sadly watched the whole episode though. :Push:

    Who takes their child to a tanning salon to get tanned? :cursing: That poor little girl came out looking like an Oompa Loompa. I guess she did get the Lindsay Lohan tan after all.

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  2. $1300 and she looked awful!!! For some reason Vlad and I watched it, but it was just awful!
  3. ^Good, so I wasn’t the only person in the whole wide world who watched the show. I was starting to feel ashamed. Heh.

    Yeah, I was seriously blown away that it cost $1300. “Give her cheekbones. She wants to look just like Lindsay Lohan.” Poor girl.
  4. haha that show looks lame. Don't think I'll be watching it, if I can help it. :smile:
  5. It is true that there will never be another Maui Fever, but when I consider that the world I live in has now bestowed upon me an entire television show about rich white people running around naked and getting themselves - and their children - painted orange, I close my eyes in a quiet moment of gratitude and wonder more profound than pen can express.

    Benigni was right.

    Life IS Beautiful!
  6. I actually watched it too-in my defense, all shows I like are over for the season,and I was not impressed. The only will drama will be the contrived "cat fights". I also don't understand what makes it so expensive. $1300 for a spray tan? Wouldn't that be better spent at the LV boutique?
  7. lol those "olly" girls had me laughing so hard i nearly fell off the couch. I can't understand how they got the job at all.
  8. Totally agree with you there! That poor little girl. She seemed so sweet.
  9. I can't believe they even let her do that, shouldnt there be some kind of age restriction?

    I switched channels after watching britney and that lil girl get spray tanned, i was too annoyed. Theres no way it cost $1300, I've spray tanned for over 2 years now and there is just no way.
  10. i can't believe i watched this could've gotten a better looking tan from a $7 neutrogena
  11. im guilty for watching it too! lol...i dont know how those "olly" (sp?) grls got the job..i thought it was so funny when the grls got in trouble for flirting with the male customers too much and one of the owners came to reprimand them..hes like "but im going give u one more chance bc u grls have ALOT OF POTENTIAL in this business" ROFL..........:roflmfao:

    potential for what?? hahaha
  12. I'm just wondering how much the company owners earn. His house was very nice. I love watching shows about businesses- I happen to like it! ALthough the "olly" girls are annoying!
  13. That show is sort of stupid, I dont understand the concept. That mother should get a fine,who the heck takes their little daughter to get a tan to look like Lindsay Lohan?...does she want her daughter to look up to a drunken skank?
  14. Besides the show being really dumb, it also seems more scripted/planned than the Simple Life! LOL
  15. lol! [raises hand] .. i watched too!

    pretty dumb .. but in MY defense, i only watched because i have taned there before so i wanted to see if any of the same workers etc. were there.

    don't know if i'll watch again though.