New Shopping Resources section

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  1. Love it! Though at first I got kinda confused coz I thought maybe you guys took away the Deals and Steals section. Thanks for separating it out
  2. I figured it was about time to separate those shopping-related sections from the rest of the forum. Additionally, we added a new Shopping-related sub-forum for talk about stores, policies, recommendations, and so on.
  3. no wonder the quick jump layout seems a bit off than this morning. good eyes!
  4. I think that was a great idea! Thank you!
  5. Wow.... was wondering what was going on?? Great move! Thanks!
  6. Since I'm new and can't really navigate this site yet I don't know how to share information in the best way. Anyhow...shopdressonline is having a sale and there is a lot of Rebecca Minkoff available at great prices. I just picked up a teal Nikki and I'm pretty happy about it. The tax was a bummer but I guess not all online purchases can avoid it. I hope this helps someone...;)
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    Welcome to the PF - Take your time !!

    if you go to the top you will find Forum Jump click down and you can find a lot and the RM forum, too

    (I am still "new" there are still many "PF places" I have not been yet)