New Shop selling CL's in London

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  1. woo hoo!!..thanks for posting aeross.
  2. Oooooooo!!
  3. less sleepless nights knowing i don't have to pay custom charges.
  4. whoaaaaaaaaaaa! but browns kind of suck in terms of customer service and they always charge more!

    we have to go anyway though!
  5. Thanks for posting! I had no idea!
  6. thankew!!
  7. Add it to the list for march :tup:
  8. LOL

    I had no idea either, I only logged on to see what Wedding Shoes they had ( I live in hope that they suddenly find a 41 in the Mata Strass (sp?) )

    At least when Browns put their shoes in the sale they knock heaps off the RRP. Some others need to follow their example

    I so wish it wasn't opposite Claridges, I won't know what to feed first, my stomach or my shoe addiction LOL
  9. oooh la la one new place to make my credit card accidently leap from my purse - good spot aeross. Can't they open a boutique right next to my house soon, I mean should I have to get a train to ridiculously overspend when it could be just next door? Then I could overspend so much more?!
  10. Hmm Maybe we can persuade the boutique's to refund the cost of the train??

    Personally I want CL Boutiques to pop up at the racecourses. Then I can just get rid of all my money in one go rather than dragging it out
  11. Yes or even a betting shop/ Cl boutique all in one. You get the option to either lose your money, or should you win more money then randomly spend it on as many CL's as you can carry. Either way leaving the shop stone cold broke!!

    A sure fire way and easy way to turn yourself into a down and out tramp (with nice shoes)

    If the boutiques won't refund the travel cost, could I not find a way to be transported to the boutique through a time/space continuum - like Doctor Who's tardis?
  12. Maybe we could just ask the boutiques to arrange for a semi-clad young man to convey a range of CLs to our homes (or a centrally located bar) so we can make our choice in comfort? I'm sure we can all chip in for his train fare :graucho:
  13. Oh fabulous!!!! YAY!!!

    .... or maybe its NOT fabulous!
  14. If I'm contributing to his train fare, I want less than semi clad :P