New shoes!

  1. I picked these up from the net a porter sale!
  2. Wow!!!
  3. OMG, as the saying goes, those shoes are fierce, honey, fierce!
  4. Holy moly! Not only are they stunning, I am truly impressed you can stand and walk in them. I'd teeter right over!
  5. A modeling photo would be nice. I can't imagine these beautiful beasties on the foot.

    Congratulations on your purchase, and for having a life in which to wear these gorgeous things!
  6. Not me modelling them but this will give you an idea. They are surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in! They are true works of art I have pair 54 out of only 300 made!
  7. Very cool. I bought my first pair of BV sandals a few months ago. They are flats. I would topple over in heels. Enjoy and have fun wearing them.
  8. I couldn't wear such heels but I'm very pleased there is someone out there who can :tup:
  9. Love them!
  10. wow, these are gorgeous! Plus knowing your one of 300 makes them even more special! Thank god for sales! x
  11. Spectacular... I think Sandra Bullock wore them also at an event...
  12. Your heels are gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Those are awesome! Enjoy, enjoy!
  14. Fierce!! Take names. : )
  15. Congrats! Those are statement shoes.... :smile: