New Shoes! :)

  1. I went to Macy's yesterday with my mom and while she was looking at PJs, I snuck off to look at the shoes. The Coach sale shoes were off to the side and they had a TON, but at first glance I didn't see anything over an 8.5 (I'm a 9.5). I walked away and then decided to look again ... I found the silver sandals in my size and REALLY wanted the white optic flats, but they only had an 8.5, a 7, and a 5.5. Just for kicks I tried on the 8.5 and they FIT. They must be sized wrong because I have not worn an 8.5 since I was 10. :biggrin: It really must be an error, because then I started trying on other 8.5s, because they had a ton of them, and none of them fit. Anyways, the optic flats came out to $45 and the silver ones to $65! The summer stock is 25% off and then 40% off of that, so if you live near Macy's, you may want to check them out.

    I added a pic of all my shoes, but left out my poppy flip flops. I wonder where those are. :s This is quite sad, though, before this year I had NO Coach shoes and now I have 7 pairs!
    ss3.jpg ss4.jpg
  2. love the sandals!
    and the dot ones you have...omg...i want those!
  3. Very cute shoes!!! I LOVE the pink flats!!!!
  4. Gorgeous buys, I'm so jealous!
  5. Gorgeous shoes. Congrats!
  6. Very cute shoes!!!! I actually was going to go to Macy's yesterday but i ran out of time :Push:
  7. Beautiful shoes! What a steal!!
  8. Congrats!
  9. You have a fabulous Coach shoe collection. I really love the white optic flats & dot shoes.
  10. I LOVE those dot shoes! :smile:
  11. Great collection!! I love the dots and the flip flops!!!:yahoo:
  12. Everyone always loves the dot shoes ... I haven't worn them yet though. :sad: They aren't very comfy!
  13. Congrats! I have the same pair of Laurel style in pewter as well.
  14. Love the shoes! Congrats on getting such great deals!
  15. I love the shoes, I'm totally going to Macys tomorrow (instead of doing my theater paper, lol)!!