New Shoes

  1. Needed something fast. Bought Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson @ Nordstrom last night. I love the Kate's so cute! I'm thinking about returning the Betsey Johnson. The heel is too high.

    Here are some pics.
    185136420.jpg 185136417.jpg
  2. !. Betsey Johnson
    2. Kate Spade
    1733-297054-p.jpg 3832-303455-p.jpg
  3. Love the Betsey's. They stand out. Are you sure the heel is too high? What's the occasion?
  4. I like kate spade better. I like the bow in the front.
  5. Pretty!
  6. KS so purdy:heart:
  7. I'm not a girlie girl. You'll rarely see me in heels. And 4 1/4", that's pretty high to me. I decided to keep the kate spade shoe. It's 3 1/4" high. I already wore them to dinner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary :yahoo:
  8. I love kate spade ones better too. I think KS shoes are very classy and they look good w/ dresses, jeans..etc. Definitely keep those!
  9. The Kate Spades are more conservative and the Betsey Johnsons are more 'party'. Both are really cute, just for different needs.
  10. they're both adorable!:love:
    i love the bows:biggrin::biggrin:
  11. I like the betsey's better !
  12. I love both pairs. They are very feminine. You look great in both.
  13. oh, i saw those kate spades today at nm. they are so adorable! :love: you must keep them!!
  14. i love the kate spade! sooo cute!!
  15. Love them both! But I think the KS are a better choice too. I am with sammikat, the KS are a little more conservative.

    Congrats on your 5 year anni!! Have a great dinner!