New Shoes!!!

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  1. I actually got these about 2 months ago, but i have been VERY busy! I now finally have the time to post them!


    they are definitely my favorite pair yet!
  2. They are very cute, bvbirdygirl!
  3. Hey Brigette! Good to see you in Coach... cute flats!
  4. thanks!
  5. Those are super cute. And comfy.
  6. They're gorgeous! I love their flats :smile:
  7. Cute, love them.
  8. Very cute! I've been eyeballing the same style with the purples and pinks... lol, i even had a dream i had them... :girlsigh:

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  9. ooooh^ i really like the pinks!
    but i also like the different patches on mine!
  10. oh they are gorgeous! how much did you get yours?
  11. Very cute:heart:
  12. congrats :smile: cute shoes
  13. I LOVE THEM! Very very cute. I love Coach flats - they're actually comfy.

    I tried to get a pair of Janelles in a 5.5 the other day... but no such luck. The SA tried ordering a pair, and she couldn't in that size :sad:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. damn girlyy yu bought alotta stuff(:

    CONGRATS they are beautifulll