New Shoes

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  1. Guess that I got today?


    How do they look? The slingback straps are a little long because they keep sliding off. Any ideas on how to keep them in place?
  2. Are we twins or what!!! I bought both of those shoes yesterday... I need my glitters to stretch out a bit! But you can take them to a cobbler and they can shorten the elastic in the back!
  3. WOW--you got two super hard to find pairs of shoes! CONGRATULATIONS!!! They're both super hot!

    If the slingbacks are too long, a good cobbler could shorten them. Some people add grips to the back--you could try that, but if they are really long, shortening might be necessary. I think they look great!
  4. all I have to say is...HOTTTT!!!
  5. Gorgeous!!! I love glitters and the wine Rolando. We are talking HG shoes here. :drool::drool::drool: They look amazing on you. Congrats!
  6. OMG!!! You got two AMAZING Pairs!!! congrats, I am sooo jealous you ladies are finding the Wine Rolandos, wear them well, they are sooo beautiful.
  7. Hot Hot. Congrats on your new shoes. They look great on you.
  8. Congrats on those absolutely gorgeous shoes! I like to use the footpetals strappy strips on my slings. Others have said double sided tape works too. I prefer using some sort of strip instead of taking them to a cobbler because the change is less permanent and less costly.
  9. OMG!!! The Glitter eyes. Congrats on getting them.
  10. I second this!
    Great pairs!!! Love them both! Very lucky of you to be able to grab both of them. They are hard to get at the moment.
    Wear them well!:love:
  11. Beautiful shoes. So glad you were able to find a pair of Rolando's.
  12. oh they are both stunning! congrats!
  13. they both look fabulous! 2 great buys
  14. They're both such beauties!
    Congrats, sakura!