New Shoes! Woohoo!!!

  1. Hey there Ladies!

    Just had to share my new Chanel shoes!!!!



    Sorry for the enormous pics! Anyway, Chanel are also bringing the :heart: Timeless Clutch:heart: back around July/August in both Lambskin and Calfskin (lol - put my name down for the Calfskin straight away in Black, not missing out AGAIN!!!)
  2. congrats cal! love them both!:love:
  3. Love love love the little mules.
  4. Congratsss S,

    :heart: ballerina:heart:

    may i ask how much is the ballerina :p
  5. Hi A, ballet slippers are €330 but they're down to just a few pairs (only black with white CC). They are so comfortable.
  6. Very pretty, congrats :smile:
  7. I love the cambon flats!
  8. Love them both!!!
  9. Both are so cute! Congrats!
  10. LOVE the shoes...The mules I own in a ballerina version...bought them in Paris..LOVE that collection..wish I could find the mules in the USA..Anyone seen them here?LOVES!!
  11. congrats !! its pretty!!
  12. Congrats Cal they are so gorgeous! I love them!
    I wish I could wear flats, I tried the pumps but I just cannot walk in them I feel all down at heel :sad:
  13. Enjoy them! They are beautiful...
  14. They are both so cute, congrats!
  15. :love: love em both...the mules are adorable.