New Shoes **Pics** Thanks for your help!!!

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for everyones help on helping me choose my shoes. I ended getting the flats b/c I felt they were more useful. I love the boots but found them to be a little uncomfortable. If anyone is looking to buy these, they run larger than normal. I had to have these made b/c my feet are so darn little. The shoes are super comfortable and I :heart: them.
    Untitled1.jpg Untitled2.jpg
  2. Very cute! Congrats!
  3. VERY NICE. Where did you end up getting these? I didn't see them on the website. Someone else got a pair similar a few months back but they were in a brown suede with the GG's.
  4. Very nice......:tup:
  5. congrats!!
  6. gorgeous. I went to Nordstroms last weekend to try them on, but they were sold out in my size. congrats so cute.
  7. soooo cute!
  8. good choice! are they comfortable?
  9. cute flats!
  10. I saw those in Nordstrom yesterday and they are TDF! I might have to get myself a pair! I absolutley adore them!
  11. Those are cute! Congrats!
  12. They are super comfortable. I wear them all the time now and haven't had any problems.