New shoes (on sale!) and somthing PINK~!!

  1. The shoes are a Dillard's find from the weekend(with extra 30% off!): Daphney patchwork sneakers.

    I don't have an outlet near me and I should have bought this color when I bought my ruby one! I found the magenta patent wristlet on eBay for $10 off MSRP including shipping.
    daphney sneakers.jpg magenta patent.jpg
  2. congrats! very cute and summery! :tup:
  3. Congrats!!! :smile:
  4. Those sneakers are so cute!
  5. Aww, cute sneakers... perfect for spring! Love the wristlet too, the pink is gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. I was watching that wristlet! lol 'Cause there were only two or three auctions other than BIN! Good deal!
  7. Congrats! I :heart: the magenta wristlet!
  8. Rock on!!! Those sneaks are great!!!!! So spring-ie!
  9. I have these sneakers, and I LOVE the look (I have the matching bag as well)...but I got blisters on the heel the first time from wearing them...within a half hour at the mall. :sad: They slip really bad, but also gouge the back of my heel. Wear them around the house first to make sure you won't need padding on the heel..I don't want you to suffer my same fate!! On the other hand, I love the matching Tammie platform's very comfy!!
  10. I love the magenta color!
  11. I love those sneakers!!!! Cute!!!
  12. The magenta wristlet is stunning!! Cute sneakers too......congrats!!
  13. Cute cute and I LOVE :love: the wristlet :yes:
  14. I love that magenta wristlet!! I use mine makes me so happy everytime I have to take it out!!! Those sneakers would match my little patchwork duffle too!! You did a great job and got some really FUN things!! ENJOY!!!!!
  15. Super cute!!! Congrats