New Shoes! Lookie what i found!

  1. So i was messing around with the drilldown, looking for some new flip flops that I might want to order w/ PCE (in addition to the scribble flippies b/c i love those!) andddd i didnt really find any more flip flops but I did find a lot of new shoes. I have the new catalog and I dont think any of these are in there! Just thought Id share! :flowers: There are a lot of shoes in the new scribble!
    q307_d1.jpg q309_d1.jpg q312_d1.jpg q318_d1.jpg q323_d1.jpg
  2. the first ones are in the new cataloug,they come in pink and blue and they match my new soho hobo!!! :tup:
  3. how do you find stuff on the drilldown that will be coming out? is there some kind of trick to it? TIA!
  4. omggg love the fourth pair!!!
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    these are all a plus.. thanks for posting.
  6. Love these..


    Candace, OT, you said they are the perfume print? These are not the scribble print then? TIA
  7. LOVE the first and third ones!!!! :drool:

    The flats ESPECIALLY!
  8. LOVE the third one!!
  9. I was just putting in random numbers while watching tv, trying to find something new :lol: I didnt spot any flip flops other than the scribble ones that candace has- has anyone else seen any others? Id like to stock up!
  10. I LOVE those wedges in the BLUE!! TDF!! :love:
  11. the drilldown trick annoys me, bc why arent the items just on the site to begin with? lol. that's another reason why i love tpf- you guys are like my extended coach catalog ;)

    ps LOVE the flip flops with the blue gems- sooo sexaaayyy ;)
  12. Those shoes are too cute, hmmm...

  13. I saw these at the Coach store over the weekend...they are TDF!!! They are definitely the perfume print, and not the Scribble. Their "Scribble" this year will be the watercolor/scribble combo, unfortunately! :crybaby:
  14. Cute! I love the signature flats and the scarf print is cute too but wow, those look way high for me!
  15. [​IMG]:wlae::drool: