New shoes look book out.

  1. It's no secret that I love LV shoes. Yesterday when MJ and I were at VF we got a peek at the shoes coming out. Lots of fun ones!

    I put myself down for the LV mules and the damier sneakers! :yahoo:
  2. New Damier Sneakers? Sounds HOT!

  3. I'm w/ Kelli! In fact, I just repeated to myself...Damier Sneakers? oooo....

    hehe. sounds awesome :yes:
  4. Oh cool.
  5. Tink, can't wait to see them when you get them!
  6. Ah, me want damier sneakers too!
  7. sounds great! :drool:
  8. why do you tease us with so little info! we need details!!!!
    i am a mules fan, are they cute?
  9. I want to see the new mules too!
  10. mm... Damier sneakers... I want some! :nuts:
  11. Yes! And Mary's gonna look hot sportin' her new babies when they get here! Good choices Mary;). Hmmm, wish my island feet could fit in some of them beauties:girlsigh:
  12. I want to see pics!
  13. WHAT?? :nuts: .....sounds really nice.

    Really want to see pics
  14. DAMIER Sneakers!? :drool: YUMMY! Can anyone post pix? :nuts:
  15. Ooh! Damier :drool: Can't wait til you get them and post pics!!!