New shoes I ordered from NM JUST NOW!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Now lets all pray ...DH is not home when they are delivered....(I will have to borrow Selenas knee pads if he is)..........UGHHHH:drool: LOL
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 053.jpg Michelles Camp La Jolla 054.jpg Michelles Camp La Jolla 055.jpg
  2. Those are all really nice!

    Uh-won't he notice when you wear them?
  3. NO.... he does not notice things like that....We live in such a warm climate that Im ALWAYS in flip flops, or when we are in cold weather he thinks its things I have had for ages...good questions though!!
  4. Great choices! I really like the first pair for after skiing. You're too funny, Sunshine, about the knee pads!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. Yeah-now that I look at the first pic more-I really, really like those. Would be good for me living here in NY-hmm....
  6. I just got my catalog as well and the Gucci ski boots are killer. They have some Manolo boots that look divine. I do know that I am ordering the Chanel slingbacks.
  7. cute shoes!!!
  8. I LOVE those Gucci boots, I see them everytime I go to NM and I LOVE them!:yes:
  9. oooh lovely!
  10. I liked the Gucci boots the first time I saw them as well - and realized I have a Prada pr. from last year very similar lol! Good luck with sneaking them in! One time I ordered 3 pr. of shoes/boots from NM and sure enough DH was home and made me open the box in front of him (and the kids) -- I was not pleased - funny thing though, I only opened 2 boxes and he didn't know there was a 3d lol.......
  11. You go girl!!! Crossing my fingers the box slips past him.