New Shoes at

  1. What do you all think?:graucho:
  2. already pre ordered 2 pairs. love the new simple pumps
  3. catabie - which ones did you order? I love the new simple pumps. Love it in black patent and royal blue. Also, love the new slingbacks. Can't decide.
  4. I'm diggin the royal blue! May order them...hmmm...
  5. I'm thinking of the royal blue, too. I missed out on all the electric blue pumps....
  6. Me too lovespeonies! I guess I'll go ahead and order, so in a few months I'm not saying, "I missed out on the royal blue pumps!" lol
  7. I am pre ordering the Joli Noeud Dorcet~black patent!

    Does anyone know how it is sized?
  8. Yup, caved in. I used to have a little self-control, but because of CLs, now I have none! lol
  9. WOW they brought in a bunch of new shoes... I don't know what to do!?!? To buy or not to buy- that is the question! So here's my issue... what do you ladies think of those royal blue simples? Do you think they will be brighter than pictured, or darker? I would love them if brighter, but for some reason I think they might be darker, even more like a light navy. Does anyone have any intel of this??
  10. Didnt someone say the magenta were brighter than pictured so maybe that will be the same for the royal
  11. Oh this is way too much to deal with on a Monday. Did anyone know this was comming?? What about the new slides in copper and pewter?? Love them in copper! I like the ones with the cork, too. And the new camel patents, oh my. You girls need to help me!! The simples with a platform!!
  12. :tup: That's right! I forgot about that completely... thanks so much OLMS!! (as my wallet :crybaby:)

  13. So what did you get??:smile:
  14. The new slingbacks are awesom!:tup:
  15. oh many pretty shoes to tempt my wallet!!