New shoes at local TJMaxx...

  1. I just checked out a local TJMaxx here in CT...saw these shoes sitting on a cart (there was a good selection of them...looked like they were just being put out on the floor)

    (snagged picture from eBay, this auction -->


    They were going for $99.99. They were cute...but I passed on them. I mean, I like my signature print and all...but a big gold COACH metal do-jiggy on my toe? I dunno...hehehe...but they WERE comfy!

    (I'm such a dork...i'm walking around and see the shoes on the cart, before I even confirm they are coach shoes I see the tattersall lining and in my head i'm all "coach shoes! coach shoes!")

    I liked them...but don't think I could pull them off.
  2. ^ I agree, the metal thing is a bit much... :p
  3. I saw those at my local TJMaxx as well and passed as well! They actually had some Coach bags, which I have never seen there before. I do not recall what they were, but I passed.
  4. Yeah- I tried those on at Macy's one day - tried on all the Coach flats and they were a bit much. You're so lucky though to actually get decent shoes - my closest TJ Maxx has the worst shoes - they never have decent brands. I usually find good Coach ones at the Rack.