New Shoes and Bags! *pics*

  1. Surprise, surprise! My favorite SA sent me these new shoes as soon as they came in. She tried explaining them to me over the phone and I just couldn't picture them but they are very cute IRL and super comfy!! Then on Friday I got the Book from NM and they have a great pic of the shoes in it.

    I think they go great with my MC tote and Prada watch (pictured).
    MCwedges.jpg NavyDistressedPatentReissue.jpg
  2. WOW!!! I love them!! Those shoes are so cute and of course the bag is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  3. the navy distressed patent bag is AWESOME
  4. Wow.
  5. hey another lady was just asking about the distressed navy bag....
    love it all... love the wedges too
  6. NICE shoes!!! I love the quilting on the wedge, very different.

    oh and love the bag too!!
  7. I love that navy bag. I must have it.

  8. Congrats, love the shoes and bag!
  9. how do u like that tote? I am #3 on a waiting list for it in white. I saw it in grey at the boutique. They did not have black on display.

    gorgeous! congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats! Love them!
  11. Love that bag! And that Prada watch!
  12. Oh, there's the patent leather blue reissue. It's so gorgeous...

    And the shoes are very very cute!
  13. I love the shoes, they are adorable and look fun!!!!
  14. Oh--I saw those wedges in the NM book and thought they were so cute. Are they hard to keep on?
  15. I loved them when I saw them too! Now that I hear they are comfy, I might "need" them!