NEW SHOES and a question for you...*pics*

  1. I randomly walked into Neiman today and made an impulse purchase! I got the Bamboo doll flat pumps, they're really comfy and I love them. I have a slight problem though, I'm usually a 7.5 or 8 (37.5 or 38) and both of those were too big in the store (my heels kept popping out). The 7 fit perfect, so I got them. When I got home the and tried them out on they were wayyy too tight in the front! :sad: Is there a way I can stretch them? Should I go back and try on the 7.5? Do you think none of them would work for me? I don't get it! Ok that was more than 1 question but you get the idea, what should I do?

    **Also for anyone interested in this shoe I suggest asking them for those patches to put on the bottom because its very slippery on the carpet. The nice SA gave me some extra!

    bshoes 005.jpg bshoes 002.jpg bshoes 004.jpg bshoes 006.jpg bshoes 007.jpg
  2. If it were me, I would definitely go back to NM and try on the 7.5. I would never try to "stretch" them out as I am sure they were not inexpensive! If, after trying on the larger ones, they are too large, you could ask the SA to please stretch the 7's a little bit. They would be happy to do that. Good luck! :tup:
  3. If they feel tight i definitely think you should go back and get the 7.5 it would suck if you just keep wearing them thinking they'll stretch and then they don't and you cant wear or return them.
  4. Try and go back and get the 7.5 and see if they fit better.

    I normally wear a 6.5. I bought a pair of Gucci Dorsay pumps a few years ago in size 6. For some reason, I thought the 6's felt great in the store. Now if I wear them for a period of time, it feels tight. It stinks becaust they are my most expensive shoes but they hurt me after awhile. I wouldn't want you to go through the same agony.
  5. keep in mind that your feet swell as the day goes on so if you tried the 7's on first thing in the morning they may have felt fine but now feel tight after you have spent some time walking around, etc. That's why they always recommend shopping for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.

    Definitely go back and try the 7.5's. I wouldn't want to see you waste your money.
  6. They are gorgeous! I want a pair!!
  7. Love your new shoes! Def. get the 7.5 - then if they slip off at times, put in those half insoles - that works like a charm for me!

    btw your purse it TDF!! :smile:
  8. love it!!
  9. I love Gucci shoes...and I have a few pair. They fir me so WEIRD!! I always go smaller than normal and I must admit no matter what style they are they ALL are very uncomfortable to me. One of my good friends will not wear anything else. She thinks Gucci shoes were meant for her as that is all she is comfy in!! Do whatever you have to do to make them work for you if you love them. That is what I do! (love the shoes by the way!! LOVE!)
  10. I think you should get the 7.5 You dont want to be spending all that money on shoes that will be uncomfortable for you to wear. Just get a half size up!
  11. Loves it. If I were you I would go back and get the other size. If they end up to big you can just put in an extra sole or something. They're lovely!
  12. so cute, congrats!
  13. the same thing actually just happened to me. i wear a size 8, and the 7.5 were too big, and i got the 7's. when i got home, they were uncomfortable and way too tight.

    im thinking about having them stretched since gucci wont let me exchange them since i wore them. what exactly is involved in shoe stretching?
  14. Ooo... nice kneehighz! I need to stretch mine cos I'm a freak, my right foot is a little bigger/wider. That being said I would definitely go try out the other size.
  15. Go Back And Try The 7.5