New Shoe line with the gold harware

  1. I was at LV this afternoon and had just dropped in to see if they have the perforated bag that I wanted and my SA told me that they just had a new shoe line(sandals). IT is gorgeous. It's the one with the metal gold harware that has that LV logo in the middle and is mae of patent leather. I loved it so much that I got one. I was luckt because they only had one of my size that came in(I have very small feet). It came in black, white and red. I got the black one and I:love: it. Can't wait to wear it.
  2. congrats! please post pictures!
  3. I would love too but I am one of those who is not computer savvy.. Can anyone tell me how to do it?
  4. You can't post a thread like this and not show off the shoes, girl what were you thinking? Oh, I know! About those damn shoes!:lol: